Southwest Key Programs Inc.

Emerging Leaders Program

Welcome to Southwest Key's Emerging Leaders Program application system.


Program Purpose:


- Provide a mechanism to prepare employees for leadership positions at the Assistant Program Director position or higher.
- Provide guided mentorship training sessions to prepare individuals to take the Licensed Child Care Administrator (LCCA) Exam.


This program uses selected competencies, instruction from subject-matter experts, field-based studies, cohort instruction, and projects to prepare candidates for leadership opportunities in current or future Southwest Key programs.  Successful completion of all program standards results in a recommendation for promotion.  All candidates will apply for and take the LCCA exam.


Employees that meet the qualifications of a Bachelor’s Degree, possess completed training records, and present strong employee records are encouraged to apply. All employees recommended should meet minimal requirements as described by ORR, Licensing, and the approved Southwest Key Job Descriptions. The Regional Executive Team, comprised of the Assistant Vice President and the Regional Executive Director(s), reviews all application packets, approves admission, monitors overall program and individual success, and recommends promotions to Human Resources.

Current Opportunites

There are currently no job openings. Please check back later.